IMPORTANT: County Card 2024

All affiliated Golf Club members with an official WHS index will be able to subscribe for a free County Card from the start of April 2024. From this date the County Card is now part of the Golf Genius app. We no longer use the previous app provided by Intelligent Golf, so users of this can delete the IG app from their phone.


1) You first need to register online with Golf Genius to add your name to the Cheshire player database. If you are already registered and have a login, you can skip this step. To register go to this page and complete the form. 

2) Next, go to the App Store and download the Golf Genius APP. You will need your CDH number and the email address you have used to register in Step 1 above. Note: the term ‘Affiliation‘ means your Home Club (Golf Genius is a Canadian product hence the terminology!).

Once activated, the Golf Genius app will provide your club and handicap details for identification and a tab for the County Card. You should show this information on your smartphone when visiting a club using the county card. The app is also useful as it shows any Cheshire events you have entered incl start times, and you’ll also get results etc. It also has a very handy course handicap calculator

Please also see the Cheshire County Card page

Any questions (temporarily in the Secretary’s absence), please email:

UPDATE 3/5/24: we have now had over 3,000 registrations. While this is an excellent response, it is still a small fraction of the total membership of Cheshire clubs. So please tell your fellow members about the benefits of the county card and get them to register. And it’s FREE!

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