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Unification of the Cheshire Union and the Cheshire County Ladies Golf Association

The Cheshire Union of Golf Club (CUGC) and the Cheshire County Ladies Golf Association (CCLGA) have co-existed for  over a century and have successfully supported men’s, ladies’ and junior golf in Cheshire.

Following the merger of the English Golf Union and the English Ladies Golf Association several years ago, it now makes little sense to have separate organisations seeking to further develop golf and support the 93 clubs in the county of Cheshire. 

Discussions between the two organisations have reached the point where we have agreement in principle to merge into a single body, to be known as Cheshire Golf.

The principle reason for doing this is to present a single voice for Cheshire golf at both club and national level. Also, both organisations are almost entirely dependent on the efforts of volunteers to conduct championships, matches and coaching, and the unification will allow us to better utilise our volunteer resources in delivering high quality and consistent services to the clubs and golfers of Cheshire. The CUGC and CCLGA boards are excited at the proposed unification and the opportunities it will bring in developing the game of golf across the county and beyond.

There is a working group comprising representatives from CUGC and CCLGA tasked with completing the unification and we currently expect the process will be completed in late 2024 / early 2025.

We welcome your feedback and invite you to share the journey with us, so if you’d like to be part of the conversation, why not forward your comments to:

Lin Bartlett: or Steve Doughty: