Werneth Low Legend hits half century

In the world of golf, milestones are celebrated, and legacies are forged.
Today, we can take pride in acknowledging a true icon of our local golfing community, Tony Bacchus, as he achieves an incredible 50 years as a PGA professional and for 45 of those years served as the Head Professional at the scenic Werneth Low Golf Club.
Ben Thompson the current PGA pro at Werneth Low’ who has had Tony as an inspiration in his golfing career, outlines Tony’s achievements: “For nearly five decades, Tony Bacchus was been the driving force behind golf at Werneth Low Golf Club.
“His enduring commitment, passion for the game, and sense of humour have not only shaped the club’s identity but have also left an indelible mark on the 1000’s of members who have passed through WLGC since the late 1960s.
”In this special moment captured in the picture pictured Tony Bacchus is seen with me
“What makes this photo even more poignant is the fact that I was a junior member under Tony’s tutelage back in the early 2000s.
“It beautifully symbolises the passing of the torch from a seasoned veteran to a promising successor.
“I am the current PGA Head Professional but my predecessor Jamie Tipper was also a PGA Professional who began his journey under the eye of Tony Bacchus and he served nine years in the role after Tony’s retirement in 2013.
“My journey from being a young, aspiring golfer, under Tony’s guidance, to the current PGA Professional is a testament to the mentorship and impact Tony has had on generations of golfers. Through Tony’s tenure at WLGC, there are now seven current PGA Professionals who all started as Juniors at WLGC.
“Tony has gained recognition for this astonishing 50 year achievement by the PGA and as a result has been awarded with a 50 year Plaque to commemorate this fantastic achievement.
“Here’s to Tony Bacchus, 50 years of memories as a professional golfer, and the continuation of a golfing legend at Werneth Low Golf Club!”

Pic Ben and Tony with his 50-year plaque

Copy & image: Geoff Garnett

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