Payment For 2024 Competitions

In order to make payment for your 2024 Life Member competition entries, and to avoid the need to make separate payment for each event, we are using the online payment process below.

To use this:

– Select the events you wish to enter by pressing Add to Basket against the relevant events below

– Then select  any of the View Basket links, this will take you to the shopping cart page

– Each entry in the basket will show up as quantity 1 (ie one pair @ £45 each). If you are paying for multiple entries for each competition, amend these to the correct number, matching that on your entry form. Make sure the total entry fees amount shown matches that on your entry form.

– When complete, press Go to Checkout and follow the process through to card payment. Make sure to fill in your personal details on the left hand side of the payments page.

IMPORTANT: this process is for payment only. You must submit the Entry Form separately by email to [see Life Members page]

online payment