Hazel Grove project completed with club volunteers

Volunteers in golf clubs and other sports clubs are much needed at all times to do a range of jobs at their facilities, run teams, organise events etc and it has become increasingly hard to recruit them following the effects of Covid.
But a great team effort at Hazel Grove Golf Club (England Golf’s ‘Golf Club of the Year’ in 2022) has seen a major project completed.
Jackie Dootson has been at the heart of the action and she said: “Building an extension to our golf club balcony has been a topic of discussion for many years and has been a long time in the planning.
“It serves to enlarge the social space, giving fantastic views over the magnificent first fairway and the 18th fairway and green and it’s been the perfect opportunity to turn a dull, redundant area in front of the clubhouse into a fabulous socialising space.
“It also helps with all the private functions which the golf club is increasingly attracting – a package can now be offered that includes the top balcony whilst the members can leisurely enjoy the 75sq metre lower balcony.
“Cost has always been a limiting factor and employing outside contractors meant the project was always going to be unachievable.
“In stepped Mike Booth, one of the members, an ex- quantity surveyor who project managed the whole design and build process from start to finish (and within budget).
“Many members, mostly with limited or no building skills (and nearly all retired) volunteered to join the team. From excavating and concreting the foundations to learning skills such as laying block work walls (they were taught in this respect by a retired bricklaying instructor, again a club member).
“They then went on to installing the joists and framework for the composite decking and wall cladding which then followed.
“However, what was desperately needed were funds!! Communications were sent out to the members, and some sizeable voluntary donations from individuals were received.
“Despite this, there was still a large shortfall, but the HGGC 300 Club ‘rose to the challenge’. Along with donations, pledges, the odd raffle and the 300 Club, a design was able to be developed and was brought to fruition two years later with full planning and BuildingRegulation Certification.
“The only work carried out by external contractors was the glass balustrade (Manchester Balustrades), rendering and the steel staircase (Langley Steel Structures). Then the final finishing touch was added to the front by the installation of the large signage and logos (Photoscreen)- another club member.
“The overall final cost was around 30% of the probable cost of using external professional contractors and it is now a great addition to the club facilities.
“On completion of the work a special opening ceremony with a meal and drinks for the volunteers was set up and enjoyed by them all and they each received a special book illustrating the great work they had done for the club.”

Image above is the completed project.

As it was before the extension

Work in progress
Happy workers

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