Astbury complete clubhouse re-vamp

Astbury Golf Club have been regular and excellent hosts for Cheshire competitions for many years and members and visitors can look forward to enjoying the big changes which have been undertaken in the clubhouse.
In June Astbury will be hosting the Cheshire Seniors Northern League match against Northumberland and players, officials and supporters will be able to rjoy them..
Astbury official Dominic McAllister explained: “This year has seen the most dramatic improvements in our clubhouse.
“It is many years since our tired looking facility received anything other than an occasional slap of paint and a minimal makeover.
“The changes that have been made for 2024 and beyond are dramatic!
“Despite the overall area remaining the same the rooms look to be twice the size with a wonderful modern yet comfortable feel to it. Modern tables and comfortable chairs are adding to the ambience.
”The leading light throughout this project has been our Lady Captain Jane Pickup.
“With a keen eye for detail and with impeccable taste she has, since the planning stages, worked tirelessly to bring this project to completion.

“For the last four to five weeks, she has never been away from the club, working with club members Jerry Hayes and Paul Zielinski our principal contactors and all the helpers.
“Whilst Jane has been pivotal in this project other names have to be mentioned and acknowledged for their specialist contributions.
“Phil Richards for approving through the board and working tirelessly on all physical aspects of the project. “Paul Collier for putting in place the new Wi-Fi facilities only to have the carpet fitters to cut through five of the lines thus requiring a refit!
“Eric Johnson as House Chairman, Club Manager John Mort and too many others to mention have all been there making this a huge team effort.
”The support from so many members has resulted in a project that we can all be very proud of.”

Copy & images: Geoff Garnett

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