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 Rules of the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs.

These Rules are made pursuant to Article 5 of the Articles of Association. Words which are defined in the Articles of Association shall have the same meaning when used in these Rules. Where there is any inconsistency between these Rules and the provisions of the Articles of Association, the provisions of the Articles of Association shall prevail.


The Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs Limited is fully committed to supporting the principle, law and practice of equality of opportunity. In pursuance of the policy, the Union reserves the right to discipline any of its Directors, Officials, Employees and members who practice any form of unlawful discrimination including age, gender, disability, colour, race, religion, creed, social status or sexual preference.


2.1 Membership shall comprise the Voting Members being the Affiliated Clubs of the Union. The qualification for Affiliation is any golf club recognising the Rules of Golf as authorized by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, having full control of the handicapping of its members, and undertaking to conform to the Articles and Rules of the Union.

2.2 Applications for membership of the Union as a Voting Member shall be sent to the County Secretary of the Union to be referred to the Board of the Union, which has the power to admit members under Article 31.

2.3 Each club on being admitted to membership of the Union shall pay an Entrance Fee of £100 on being elected or such other sum as the Union may decide.

2.4 An Affiliated Club may withdraw from membership of the Union by giving 7 clear days notice in writing to the County Secretary. Membership shall not be transferable in any event and shall cease immediately on dissolution or on the failure of the member to comply or to continue to comply with any condition of membership set out in the Articles or the Rules.


All members of an affiliated club who have paid an annual subscription to the Union will be Non-Voting Members of the Union and entitled to enter competitions and tournaments and stand for Office. Those over 18 will be able to attend meetings and stand for election as an Elected Director subject to Article 30.


4.1 Each Affiliated Club shall pay such annual affiliation fees to the Union as decided by the Board.

4.2 Such annual affiliation fees shall be payable once per calendar year and shall be calculated on a per capita basis for every Playing Member irrespective of membership category as at and paid on a date sixty days after the Affiliated Club’s annual membership renewal date or, if an Affiliated Club does not have one fixed date for renewal of membership for all members, on such other date as may be agreed between the Club, and the Company and, failing agreement, the 1 April in each year.

4.3 For the avoidance of doubt, different membership fees and benefits may be payable in respect of different membership categories.

4.4 To facilitate the calculation of such annual affiliation fees each Affiliated Club shall complete and submit to the Union an annual affiliation form (in such form as shall be decided by the Board) containing the information required to calculate such annual affiliation fees.

4.5 The Union and England Golf shall be entitled to take reasonable steps to verify the affiliation fee information and each Affiliated Club agrees to comply with such reasonable steps.

4.6 Annual affiliation fees will normally be invoiced to Playing Members as a disbursement.

4.7 If a Playing Member is a member of more than one Affiliated Club in the County the annual affiliation fee will only be payable once and collected by the Home Club for handicap purposes.

4.8 Failure by a Playing Member to pay such annual disbursement shall not exonerate his or her Affiliated Club from its obligation to pay the annual affiliation fee for that Playing Member.


5.1 Members aged 18 years and over of Golf Clubs which are in the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs may become County Members of the Union subject to the right of the Executive Committee to refuse County Membership to any person without assigning any reason for such refusal.

5.2 A nomination for membership must be submitted on a nomination form by the Club Representative or Secretary of the Club of which the Nominee is a member.

5.3 A member may become a County Life Member on the payment of Twenty Five pounds (£25).

5.4 All newly elected Life Members shall be entitled to receive a County Member’s tie gratis and any County Member may purchase a tie for such cost as the Executive Committee from time to time decide.

5.5 The Board are empowered to make alterations in the amounts of subscriptions due from County Members.

5.6 It is intended that each Club should appoint a Club representative who would be responsible for promoting and maintaining County Membership


The Board shall, under Article 6 nominate individuals to represent the Union’s interests in other golfing bodies including:
England Golf; EG Northern Counties;  
All representatives will hold office for one year and thereafter shall be eligible for re- appointment.


7.1 All players shall respect the Rules of Amateur Status. Any infringement of the Rules of Amateur Status shall be referred to the R & A.

7.2 To play in County events or to represent the County, a player must:

be a member of an Affiliated Club of the Union or have been born in the County and be a member of an affiliated club of another county;
not have taken part in any of the following events in, or for, another county during the previous 12 months:
the English County Championship;
the county championship of another county union;
representative matches, including friendly matches, of another county union.


Any County Meeting promoted by the Union or any Affiliated Club shall be subject to the following conditions;-

Restriction in the value of prizes as prescribed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.
The definition of Amateur shall form part of the conditions of the competition.
The Conditions of the Competition shall provide that the Entrant must declare on the entry form that they are an Amateur within the terms of Condition 2.


The Immediate Past President shall liaise with the Secretary of the Vice Presidents group to convene an annual meeting of the Vice Presidents to agree a recommendation to the Board for nomination as Deputy President. 


At the first Board Meeting following the AGM, the President will chair the meeting to oversee the appointment of the Chairman for the ensuing year. The nomination for the position of Chairman must have a Board Director to propose and second.


The directors shall establish, maintain and operate Policies and Procedures for the conduct of the Union's Junior and Adult Safegolf Programmes which satisfactorily addresses the guidance of Golf England. The current Policy Documents can be viewed on the County website and copies can be obtained from the Secretary.

The Union will operate  Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures  following the Codes laid down by England Golf. This will cover all employees, officials, directors and individual members of the Union.

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