Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs

Cheshire Order of Merit

Revised Format from 2012 Onwards

The new model reflects the following:

  • Strokeplay events - Cheshire County events and Club Open events.
  • Strokeplay events will be split into two categories, Principal and Other. Success in the former will attract a higher points weighting
  • Principal Events will be the Cheshire Strokeplay and Matchplay Championships 
  • The County Foursomes Championship will now be included as an “Other” Event
  • The existing specified Cheshire Club Events are retained but with a lower points weighting than Principal Events. Only Cheshire Events are included.  These Club Tournaments are as before and are identified on the Merit Events page

The Order of Merit is calculated on the current playing year. 

 The winner will receive £250, 

The detail of the  points allocation for each Event is shown below.

The website will be updated as soon as possible after each Event.

Any queries on the format should be addressed to the Secretary.

1. Principal Events

Cheshire Strokeplay Championship

Cheshire Matchplay Championship

Position Points Position Points
Winner 150 Winner 150
Runner-up 100 Runner-up 100
3rd 80 Losing semi-finalists 80
4th 70 Losing quarter-finalists 60
5th 60 3rd round losers 40
6th 50

7th 45

8th 40

9th 35

10th 30

11th 20

12th 10

2. The County Foursomes Championship

Points will be divided between the two players, 
eg the two winners will share 100 points, so 50 points each, and so on

Position Points
Winner 100
Runner-up 50
3rd 50
4th 40
5th 30
6th 20

3. Specified Cheshire Club Events

These are identified as Cheshire Order of Merit Events on the Merit Events page.

Position Points
Winner 100
Runner-up 75
3rd 60
4th 50
5th 45
6th 40
7th 35
8th 30
9th 25
10th 20
11th 15
12th 10

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