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Club Member Affiliation Fees 2022 and Golf over the Winter

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I can confirm the County and England Golf affiliation fees will remain the same as this year. PLEASE SEE BREAKDOWN HERE 

2. England Golf have notified that 'winter golf' can officially start now. That is qualifying competitions for handicaps can now include the lift clean and place on closely mown general areas on the golf course. Detailed information and help below. Please note you do not need to impose this, although for the vast majority of Cheshire Clubs you will bring into force. It is very important that all members clearly understand your Club rules on qualifying competitions over the winter.  I would suggest notices both physical on noticeboards, on your website and especially where they sign in for competitions ( including your APP IF USED).

Winter Checklist HERE  

Latest and updated WHS User Guide HERE

Handicap Review Guidance HERE

As always my colleagues and I can help over the winter with any queries, but hopefully you will find 99% of answers within these documents.

Best wishes,

Peter Whitehead

Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs 


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