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Matt relishing his new role at Ringway


Matt welcomed to Ringway by socially distanced Captain Cleve McCurdy and Lady Captain Jane Conroy.

Ringway Golf Club’s new course manager Matt Dobbs is looking forward to bringing his wide range of knowledge and skills that he has acquired in the past 30 years to his new role.
Matt has been involved in golf for most of his life beginning as a junior at Ingol GC, near Preston.
He gained an early enthusiasm for green keeping at the age of 13 working at his home club and continued his education in golf course work at Myerscought College.
He worked repeated summers at Wimbledon Tennis Club and also had long placements at East Sussex National GC and an 18-month placement in Florida at the ‘Fiddlesticks Country Club.
On his return from the USA he took up employment at the wonderful Formby Men’s GC where he recognised what has become his long-term philosophy in Golf Course Management.
Matt said: “It was here that I recognised what has become my long-term philosophy in golf course management. This being to do everything possible to encourage an environment that promotes a course that is firm, fine, fair and fast for the longest time possible.
“I have found that if you always work to this principle then good results follow naturally.”
Matt then became course manager at the tender age of 21 at Ingol to gain valuable experience in man management with his next big move being to Hillside GC as deputy course manager for ten memorable years being involved in some top golf events.
Matt’s next move was to Penwortham GC as course manager for seven years where he enjoyed developing the course to new standards with a great team effort.
Matt said: “The difference that the team and I made at Penwortham will stand it in good stead for many years to come. These experiences have developed a confidence in my own abilities, knowing that I can face any challenge and probably already have! There is nothing hard work, dedication and determination can’t achieve.
“When the opportunity arose to face a fresh challenge at such a prestigious club as Ringway I jumped at the chance and I am looking forward to what the future holds for us all at the club.
“Working alongside someone of such standing as our General Manager Tracy Rawlinson really fills me with confidence and I feel that there are no limits to where we can take this club together- we have grand plans. “I would also like to thank the previous course manager Richie Stevens who in often difficult circumstances overcame many challenges.
”Over the years external pressures have dramatically altered green-keeping practices and ‘sustainability’ is now at the forefront of the industry.
“Under my stewardship I am determined to present and bring the course to the elite level it deserves to be at and I will stop at nothing until we are the envy of Cheshire!”
Ringway Captain Cleveland McCurdy said: “Ringway welcome our new green-keeper and we all wish him every success in his endeavours.”

Photos & copy courtesy Geoff Garnett


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