Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs

Cheshire County Championship - Leading Qualifiers

(Since 1952 awarded the Darlington Trophy)





2018Josh McMahon134Wallasey
2017Fraser Macleod138Bromborough
2016James Newton136Prestbury
2015Tom Heggarty142Royal Liverpool
2014Lewis George140Heswall
2013B Stanier138Eaton
2012J McCormick137Stockport
2011F MacLeod134Caldy
2010I Winstanley140Delamere Forest
2009M Harrington140Prestbury
2008C Lewis142Wallasey
2007C Harrison137Sandiway
2006D Horsey133Stockport
2005A Stott146Royal Liverpool
2004J McLoughlin143Delamere Forest
2003D Wardrop138Caldy
2002P Bolton140Prestbury
2001J O Holmes138Wallasey
2000D Wardrop136Wallasey
1999A Worsley140Wilmslow
1998A Johnson145Sandiway
1997N Pabari145Romiley
1996A Hill 136Heswall
1995C J Sands139Stockport
1994G J Bradley143Royal Liverpool
1993C F Nowicki139Delamere Forest
1992P Bolton135Prestbury
1991J R Berry143Wallasey
1990J R Berry140Wilmslow
1989P T Bailey143Caldy
1988D Bathgate140Sandiway
1987J P Jones139Bromborough
1986P T Bailey143Wilmslow
1985J Brown143Royal Liverpool
1984I Spencer145Prestbury
1983C R Smethurst144Heswall
1982S R Williams143Delamere Forest
1981E I Bradshaw143Romiley
1980J D Norbury148Caldy
1979G M Berry143Sandiway
1978A Hill 143Stockport
1977E I Bradshaw144Delamere Forest
1976A L Slack145Royal Liverpool
1975J C Halliday141Bromborough
1974P H Dennett144Wilmslow
1973G M Edwards144Prestbury
1972D K Jones139Sandiway
1971J E Behrend143Wallasey
1970J R Bennett147Mere
1969D P Jones150Royal Liverpool
1968N B Moir147Sandiway
1967A O'Connor142Wilmslow
1966G M Edwards72Prestbury
1965R Uren152Royal Liverpool
1964A O'Connor143Delamere Forest
1963M J Pearson143Stockport
1962J T Jones  143Wallasey
1961S Ball145Mere
1960J Hadfield143Wilmslow
1959A M Finney148Royal Liverpool
1958J T Jones & J T Lambie151Sandiway
1957L J Rannells146Prestbury
1956G L Johnson & R T Robinson147Delamere Forest
1955J T Lambie149Wallasey
1954L J Rannells146Stockport
1953W V Kuhl148Mere
1952S Mettam153Royal Liverpool
1951H C Humphreys139Prestbury
1950P S Dewes145Sandiway
1949I R Patey & A E Whiteman153Wilmslow
1948G L Sleath158Royal Liverpool
1947W Sutton147Mere
1946C W Timmis149Royal Liverpool

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