Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs

Cheshire Matchplay Championship 2011

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1st Round
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2nd Round
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3rd Round
To be played by Sat 21st May 2011  
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Quarter Final
To be played by Sat 21st May 2011  
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To be played by Sun 22nd May 2011  
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To be played by Sun 22nd May 2011  
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George Seed                                                                                                                              
Cameron Massey  6&5                                                                                                    
Cameron Massey                                                                                                     
Jef Brothwell                                                                                                      
Steve Barlow                                                                             
David Hird                                                                            
David Hird  4&3                                                                           
 Dan Young                                                                            
Dan Young  4&3                                                                            
Dan Young  1 Hole                                                                            
Paul Dalby                                                                              
Tom Griffiths                                                     
Martyn Grimley                                                    
Martyn Grimley  1 Hole                                                   
 Neil Jones                                                   
Tom Greenfield                                                   
Neil Jones  1 Hole                                                  
Neil Jones  1 Hole                                                   
  Henry Featherstone                                                   
Anthony Osborne Walkover                                                    
Anthony Osborne                                                    
Simon Irwin                                                    
 Henry Featherstone  3&2                                                   
Henry Featherstone  4&3                                                    
Henry Featherstone  4&3                                                     
    Mark Geddes  6&5                         
James Newton  1 Hole                            
James Newton                            
Alistair Waddell                            
 Mark Geddes  7&5                          
C J Morris                           
Mark Geddes  5&3                          
Mark Geddes  4&3                           
  Mark Geddes  3&2                         
Matthew Jordan                           
James Blower  2&1                         
James Blower  3&1                         
 James Blower                          
Ron E Harrison                           
David Oates                           
David Oates  6&5                           
   Mark Geddes  1 Hole                         
David Nelson                             
Phil Bolton                            
Phil Bolton  1 Hole                           
 Fraser Macleod                           
Fraser Macleod  5&4                          
Fraser Macleod  1 Hole                          
Alex Pritchard                            
  Oliver Carr                           
David Bathgate                             
Sammy Jaafari                            
Sammy Jaafari  1 Hole                           
 Oliver Carr  4&3                           
James C. Hornsby                             
Oliver Carr  2&1                            
Oliver Carr  2&1                             
     Mark Geddes
Jonathon Davies  1 Hole     
Jonathon Davies     
Josh Garside     
 Adam Charnock  1 Hole   
Martin Keates    
Adam Charnock  5&4   
Adam Charnock  3&2    
  Adam Charnock   
Robert Macauley    
Richard Pickard   
Richard Pickard  6&5  
 Thomas Johnson   
Thomas Johnson  1 Hole   
Thomas Johnson  3&2   
Nico Porro     
   Barry Barker  
William Ellis    
Tom Mortimer  2&1  
Tom Mortimer Walkover  
 Tom Mortimer  
Stephen  Coath  1 Hole 
Stephen  Coath  
Kevin Kean   
  Barry Barker  1 Hole 
Freddie Williams  2&1   
Freddie Williams   
Alan Hough   
 Barry Barker  5&4  
Chris Ashcroft    
Barry Barker  3&2   
Barry Barker  6&5    
    Ray  Hughes  
Jonathan Little  1 Hole     
Jonathan Little     
Marcus Mohr     
 Luke Mighall    
Joe Collier    
Luke Mighall  2&1   
Luke Mighall  4&2    
  Gareth Bradley   
Gareth Bradley  1 Hole   
Gareth Bradley  7&6  
Joe Armitt   
 Gareth Bradley  6&5  
Kyle J Evans    
Anthony Milner    
Anthony Milner  4&3    
   Ray  Hughes  1 Hole  
Rod Gorton      
Timothy Hirst     
Timothy Hirst  1 Hole    
 Matt  Taylor    
Matt  Taylor  1 Hole   
Matt  Taylor  4&2   
George Senior     
  Ray  Hughes  1 Hole   
Stephen Brown      
 1 Hole    
 Ray  Hughes  3&2    
Neil Andrew      
Ray  Hughes  1 Hole     
Ray  Hughes  6&5      

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