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Central Database of Handicaps

Club member handicaps are administered centrally by England Golf.

The Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) was introduced in 2009 to assist Golf Clubs in the administration of their member’s handicaps and in particular in the transfer of qualifying scores back to the player’s home golf club.

The CDH has in excess of 1800 golf clubs and approx 750,000 men and women registered on the system.

One of the key principles in the operation of the system is that each home club member, with a CONGU handicap, is assigned a CDH ID number. This number will allow other clubs to confirm the individual’s membership of a golf club as well as their exact playing handicap. This is particularly useful in terms of entry into Open competitions and the increasing number of clubs operating online entries. 

The England Golf  CDH User Guide provides help to clubs and handicapping committees in the operation of the CDH. Provided key principles are followed the CDH will save administration time for all concerned with the administration of competitions and handicapping.

Club Handicapping

It is imperative golf clubs maintain an accurate handicapping database.

It has been found since the development of the CDH that clubs data is inaccurate. Individuals are still identified as home members who are no longer playing members of the club, who are deceased, who are home members at other clubs, or in some cases visitors who have competed in a club's open day competition.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the database clubs must ensure that:

  • All playing members are identified as either home or away members. If status should change please identify it within the software
  • Playing members transferring to social membership (and therefore their CONGU handicap) are removed from the software.
  • Remove all deceased members from the software
  • Remove all members leaving the club from the software
  • Update the CDH

Individual Handicaps

Under the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS) a member is only entitled to one CONGU handicap, irrespective of the number of clubs in which they are a member. This will ensure that members are only allocated one CDH number and that all qualifying scores are correctly sent back to the relevant home club.

Viewing rights on the CDH are based on three levels:

  1. Club Level – Allows the individual club to view the playing handicap of all players in the country in addition to the playing records of its members
  2. County Level – Allows the County Union to view the playing handicaps of all players in the country in addition to the playing records of all members affiliated to the county union
  3. National Level – Allows access to the playing handicaps and handicap records of all players in the country.

Only the handicapping information is available on the CDH, no personal information, home address, email, tel no. are recorded. 

CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS)

The purpose of the CONGU UHS is to enable golfers of differing abilities, men and women alike, to comete on a fair and equitable basis. A draft of the  CONGU UHS 2016 - 2018 definition is available on line (all 113 pages).

The changes from the CONGU UHS 2012 - 2015 definition are described in the England Golf CONGU Changes 2016 document.

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