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Prestbury Golf Club Wilmslow Golf Club Ashton-on-Mersey Golf Club Chorlton-cum-Hardy Golf Club.....the oldest clubhouse in Cheshire? Delamere Forest, 14th hole Caldy Golf Club Heswall Golf Club

Cheshire County Championship

The 72 Hole Cheshire Championship is open to any Cheshire Club player with a  maximum handicap of 7. The field is limited 132 players with the top 40 scores and ties progressing to the final 36 Holes.

The event is listed on the World Amateur Golf Ranking.






2021 James Ashfield 263 Rhys Nevin Delamere Forest
2020 Ian Keenan 137 (36 holes) Jon Beesley Delamere Forest
2019  Mike Harrington 280 Jake Hibbert Wilmslow
2018 Josh McMahon 274 Ben Hallam Wallasey
2017 Fraser Macleod 281 Lewis George Bromborough
2016 James Newton 136 (36 holes) Matthew Murray Prestbury
2015 Tom Heggarty 290 James McCormick Royal Liverpool
2014 Mark Geddes 279 Lewis George Heswall
2013 James Newton 284 James McCormick Eaton
2012 J McCormick 279 L Burrows Stockport
2011 F MaCleod 281 L Burrows Caldy
2010 I Winstanley 280 O Smith Delamere
2009 M Bedford
M Harrington Prestbury
2008 C Lewis
J Sims Wallasey
2007 I Davie
E Parker Sandiway
2006 D Horsey
J Howarth Stockport
2005 D Horsey
K Kean Royal
2004 D Peel
P Waring Delamere
2003 M Pilling
D Marmion Caldy
2002 D Wardrop
P Bolton Prestbury
2001 GJ Bradley
J O Holmes Wallasey
2000 FA Bibby
D Wardop Wilmslow
1999 SS Grewal
C R Smethurst Sandiway
1998 JR Donaldson
G J Bradley Bromborough
1997 N Pabari
G J Bradley Romiley
1996 D Vaughan
G J Bradley Heswall
1995 CR Smethurst
C J Sands Stockport
1994 JS Hodgson
G J Bradley Royal Liverpool
1993 JS Hodgson
A Hill Delamere Forest
1992 A Hill
P Bolton Prestbury
1991 DA Bathgate
I Pethybridge Wallasey
1990 JR Berry
V G McCandless Wilmslow
1989 PT Bailey
D A Bathgate Caldy
1988 PT Bailey
D A Bathgate Sandiway
1987 JP Jones
R Hughes Bromborough
1986 JP Bailey
A Hill Wilmslow
1985 NW Briggs
H Green Royal Liverpool
1984 I Spencer
V G McCandless Prestbury
1983 CR Smethurst
C Harrison Heswall
1982 CR Smethurst
C Harrison Delamere Forest
1981 C Harrison
J P Jones Romiley
1980 EI Bradshaw
J D Norbury Caldy
1979 PT Bailey
G M Berry Sandiway
1978 CR Smethurst
G M Edwards Stockport
1977 EI Bradshaw
R A Biggs Delamere Forest
1976 RA Biggs
B Stockdale Royal Liverpool
1975 EI Bradshaw
B Stockdale Bromborough
1974 PH Dennett
B Stockdale Wilmslow
1973 GM Edwards
C R Smethurst Prestbury
1972 DK Jones
C R Smethurst Sandiway
1971 TO Frost
J E Berhrend Wallasey
1970 B Stockdale
R West Mere
1969 DP Jones
M J Pearson Royal Liverpool
1968 NB Moir
H C Branch Sandiway
1967 A O'connor
G M Edwards Wilmslow
1966 GM Edwards
D Wilkinson Prestbury
1965 MJ Pearson
G F Lloyd Royal Liverpool
1964 A O'connor
A J Cliffe Delamere Forest
1963 MJ Pearson
R F Parkyn Stockport
1962 GM Edwards
J W Howard Wallasey
1961 JT Jones
J R Bennett Mere
1960 JT Jones
G L Johnson Wilmslow
1959 JT Jones
M E Wesley Royal Liverpool
1958 S Ball
A E Billington Sandiway
1957 P Clark
S Mettam Prestbury
1956 AE Billington
S Ball Delamere Forest
1955 E Crimes
R Whalley Wallasey
1954 MJ Pearson
J T Lambie Stockport
1953 S Mettam
J T Lambie Mere
1952 DHL Shone
M J Pearson Royal Liverpool
1951 HC Humphreys
E Crimes Prestbury
1950 HC Humphreys
I R Patey Sandiway
1949 S Mettam
J Abraham Wilmslow
1948 CW Timmis
A E Billington Royal Liverpool
1947 P Clark
C W Timmis Mere
1946 CW Timmis
W Sutton Royal Liverpool
1939 MW Budd
E Bromley-Davenport Prestbury
1938 E Bromley-Davenport
W Sutton Warrington
1937 HE Walker
W F Lee Hoylake
1936 W Sutton
D Eadie Delamere Forest
1935 J Abraham
W Sutton Ringway
1934 CW Timmis
W Bridges Leasowe
1933 HN Fogg
J C Bradbury Stockport
1932 HD Porter
H W Heslop Wallasey
1931 E Coventry
HL  Holden Sale
1930 HW Heslop
J Walters Prenton
1929 J Braid, Jnr
H Cooke Timperley
1928 N Sutton
J R Abercrombie Sandiway
1927 W Sutton
I Sidebottom Prestbury
1926 W Sutton
I Sidebottom Hoylake
1925 D Eadie
J E Hassall Wilmslow
1924 MS Walker
D Brown Wallasey
1923 I Sidebottom
M Schunk Stockport
1922 G Tweedale
J E Hassal Prenton
1921 G Tweedale
I Sidebottom Delamere Forest

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