Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs

Cheshire Seniors Championship 2022- Chester Golf Club Round 1 of 2

Wednesday 13th July 2022 - Chester, White Tees

1.  Entry Fee :  £35.

2.  Closing Date for Receipt of Entries :  5 July 2022 noon. Amateurs only.

3.  Championship Format :  The Championship will be decided over 36 Holes of “Medal Strokeplay” . Round 1 will commence on Wednesday 13 July from approximately 9am with Round 2 from the same time on Thursday 14th July, in reverse gross score order.  The starting field is not normally limited but remains subject to review by the Tournament Committee.  One round will be played on each day, Round One is a random draw.  In the event of a tie for the leading gross score after 36 holes, the result will be determined by a playoff. The competitor returning the overall lowest gross score will be presented with the G.E. Northam Trophy and a voucher. There will be subsiduary place vouchers, and a nett prize, No Club Team Championship will operates.

4.  Handicap and Age Restrictions :  Competitors must have a handicap index no greater than 12 on the day of competition, All competitors must be aged 55 and over on the first day of the Championship.

5.  Competitors should note that all County Championships are conducted according to the CUGC General Conditions for Championships and the Standing Local Rules.  Copies of these regulations will be emailed to all competitors prior. 

6.  Each Entrant must be a male Member of an Affiliated Golf Club in the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs; or he must have been born in Cheshire and be a male Member of an Affiliated Club in another County.  He must not have taken part in a Stroke or MatchPlay Golf Championship of another County Union, or have represented another County Union during the current calendar year.

7.  In the event that Entries exceed the field capacity a “Ballot” will be conducted based on the Entrants “exact” handicap at the time of the Ballot as confirmed by the England Golf CDH record, or as may be otherwise notified to  the County Secretary in a form acceptable to him.

8.  In all cases individual entry shall be made using the County website “On-Line Entry and Payment” facility, (link below)); or by means of an official Entry Form, available for download from the County Website (link below), this may be submitted by post or facsimile.  Entrants must include their “active” Handicap and “CDH” number with their Entry; and :-

a.)  Both the entry and payment procedure must be fully completed and received by the County Secretary of the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs at or before 12 noon on the stipulated closing date for entries.  Any payment by Cheque should be made payable to the “Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs”.

b.)  No entry fee will be refunded unless firm notice of withdrawal is received in writing or via E-Mail before the published closing date for entries, except for any entrant who may be balloted out and who does not subsequently compete.

c.)  All entries shall be subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee who reserve the right to accept or refuse any entry without giving reason for its decision, which shall be final.

9.  The draw for the Championship will be available for view on the County Website, an “on-line” results service will also be displayed during the Championship through the website.

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