Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs

Cheshire Seniors Strokeplay Championship 2021

Wednesday 14th July 2021 - Thursday 15th July 2021
White Tees, Warrington Blue

(95% handicap allowance)

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Gross LeaderboardR1R2TotalPar
1st Martin France Lymm 7569144+2
2nd Martyn Grimley Ringway Golf Club 7473147+5
3rd Ian Gemmell Stockport 7872150+8
4th Gareth Bradley Bramhall Golf Club 7575150+8
5th Peter Tomlinson Aldersey Green Golf Club 7377150+8
6th Mike Hassall The Mere 7675151+9
7th Phil Leadbetter Disley 7874152+10
8th Martin Keates Prestbury Golf Club 7676152+10
9th Stephen Hughes Bramhall Golf Club 7577152+10
10th Neil Andrew Ringway Golf Club 7677153+11
11th Ron E Harrison Ringway Golf Club 7677153+11
12th Tony Osborne Warrington 7480154+12
13th Dave Baker Crewe Golf Club 8075155+13
14th Steven Pomfret Delamere Forest 7976155+13
15th Mark Kingsley Bramhall Golf Club 7976155+13
16th Neil Waite Vicars Cross 7580155+13
17th Ian Quirk Lymm 7878156+14
18th John Williams Prestatyn 7581156+14
19th Stephen Nigel Brown Ringway Golf Club 8572157+15
20th David Young Didsbury 7780157+15
21st Stuart Hildage Ringway Golf Club 7682158+16
22nd Adrian Meikle Royal Liverpool Golf Club 8277159+17
23rd Nick Ryan Ringway Golf Club 8178159+17
24th Alan Rigby Helsby 8079159+17
25th Stephen Blakeway Heyrose Golf Club 7782159+17
26th Rajesh Desai Stockport 8575160+18
27th Paul Manning Prestbury Golf Club 7981160+18
28th Ken Williamson Prestbury Golf Club 8378161+19
29th JAMES PALMER Northenden Golf Club 7883161+19
30th Stephen Foster Chester 8478162+20
31st Iain Hughes Bromborough Golf Club 8478162+20
32nd Phillip Nugent Heswall 8379162+20
33rd Rob Andrew Delamere Forest 8280162+20
34th Alex Fau-Goodwin Crewe Golf Club 8181162+20
35th Brian Newman Bromborough Golf Club 8479163+21
36th Chris Mitchelson Wallasey 8380163+21
37th Andrew Hill Hazel Grove Golf Club 8182163+21
38th Tim Christie Northenden Golf Club 8975164+22
39th Andrew Parker High Legh Park Country Club 8282164+22
40th Timothy Daggett Styal Golf Club 8282164+22
41st David Heaton Delamere Forest 7985164+22
42nd Richard Walmsley Ringway Golf Club 8382165+23
43rd Paul Smith Bromborough Golf Club 8184165+23
44th Murray Allan Watters Bromborough Golf Club 8383166+24
45th Stephen Mattinson High Legh Park Country Club 8383166+24
46th Alan Sibley The Wilmslow 8186167+25
47th David Kimpton Bromborough Golf Club 8682168+26
48th Dave Cope Astbury 8782169+27
49th Kevin P Moore Sale 8386169+27
50th Bill Fisher The Wilmslow 8188169+27
51st Jack Dunlop The Wilmslow 8387170+28
52nd Peter Horsley Bromborough Golf Club 8784171+29
53rd Neil A Greenhalgh Ringway Golf Club 8685171+29
54th Brian Rogerson Sale 8487171+29
55th Christopher Kerin Wallasey 8984173+31
56th Mark Barlow Sandiway 8786173+31
57th Raymond Leadbetter Bromborough Golf Club 8985174+32
58th Joe Kirwan Bramhall Golf Club 8788175+33
59th David Sheppard Bromborough Golf Club 9086176+34
60th Wayne Turner Poulton Park 9780177+35
61st John Nono Ringway Golf Club 9285177+35
62nd David Wakerley High Legh Park Country Club 8889177+35
63rd Peter Young Didsbury 8493177+35
64th Alex Peers Bromborough Golf Club 9088178+36
65th Geoff Linnell Stockport 9189180+38
66th Darren Helsby Bromborough Golf Club 9189180+38
67th Chris I. Hornsby Heswall 9488182+40
68th Stephen Collins Helsby 9696192+50
69th John Sullivan Bramall Park 9599194+52
70th Robert Frank Hawley Chester 10492196+54
71st David Kirkwood Bromborough Golf Club 10097197+55
72nd Mobishir Rawthore Sale 77NR  
73rd Don Campbell Styal Golf Club 80NR  
74th Ian Menzies The Wilmslow 77NR  
75th Alan Hehir Ringway Golf Club 86NR  
76th David Wakefield Nelson Northenden Golf Club 8282+11
77th Keith Berry Birchwood Golf Club 9595+24
78th Peter McElkerney Birchwood Golf Club NR  
79th Euan Dunbar Vale Royal Abbey WD  

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